Dog Friendly Ways to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

April showers brings May flowers, but there’s also bound to be those days when the clouds roll in and you’re stuck inside trying to find something to do with your pup! There are plenty of fun indoor activities you and your dog can do together when it’s wet outside. From playing a game of fetch in the hallway to constructing an agility course in the living room, the only limitation is your imagination. All dogs need mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis to keep them happy and healthy.

Here’s 3 ideas to keep you and your pooch entertained indoors while it’s pouring cats and dogs outside!

Visit an indoor dog park

Indoor dog parks offer climate-controlled play areas to keep pooches dry on cold, drizzly days. For a fee, dogs get to romp on football-sized fields of artificial turf, divided into sections for small pooches and big ones.

Check out the Zoom Room to find a location in your area.


Go shopping

In most cities, finding a pet-friendly store isn’t difficult. Both large pet retail chains as well as local specialty boutiques welcome well-behaved pooches and humans alike to browse on a gloomy day. So get out there and visit your favorite specialty store such as Petsmart or possibly discover a new dog friendly boutique or bakery.

If you go to a pet store, be sure to take your time meandering up and down each aisle so your dog can investigate all the products with his nose. While there, consider buying an interactive toy to keep your dog entertained when you get back home.


Play some games

When in doubt, an almost endless amount of fun but still challenging, indoor games exist for you and your pup to play together. Of course, you’ll want to select a game that not only interests you but your dog, too. Their breed or mix most likely holds a clue to what type of rainy-day diversion hold their interest.  Retrievers, for example, like to fetch whereas most hounds love to use their noses, so games involving these types of activities are a good choice. You may need to try several games, though, before finding one that your dog absolutely loves.


“If a dog’s prayers were answered bones would rain from the sky”. – Turkish Proverbs